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Christmas Pysanky Catalog 2008 (.pdf)



April and May Changes!

So much has changed in the past two months that I'm not even sure how to begin! But, it appears as though I have found my niche in this neck of the woods and will focus my workshops on Ukrainian eggs.  I just didn't realize how many people would be interested and how few had actually been exposed to this beautiful craft.

Like a pebble dropped in a pool of water, one workshop has led to another and another -- very similar to the at-home jewelry and cosmetic-type parties.  My biggest hurdle is getting my act together to make things easier for me!  Rearranging supplies and finding lighter ways of transporting materials is becoming second-nature as more and more workshops are scheduled.

There will still be the end-of-month quilting week at the Creative Handz shop and one-on-one lessons for anyone interested in learning other crafts, but I'm definitely focusing on the Ukrainian eggs.  I'm too old and it's time to slow down.

Now that selling the eggs has become the norm and they've extended the season beyond Easter, there's much to do and lots of designs to create.  Check out my Christmas Pysanky catalog for or download the .pdf version at left.


February and March Projects

Valentines, Shamrocks, Easter!

February is for Valentines.  March brings us St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter is right on its heels!  We need to get started much sooner on our egg work, as well!  So, we’ll create some more Memory Boxes (do we ever have enough?) and discover the joys of Ukrainian (Pysanki) egg decorating! 

Heart-Shaped Memory Boxes – This is a variation of the Memory Boxes we made in January, but now you’ll be working on curves and angles. Material can be from a favorite old dress/shirt or some new Valentine textile.  Fill with candies, jewels, or keys to a new car! Or, just keep it to hold the old love letters! It’s a great way to recycle those cardboard boxes – and, of course, it’s fun!  $10 per person, plus supplies.

Shamrock Boxes from Heart Shapes - Ed Haun has created some very easy boxes to have around for St. Patrick's Day. They're easy, use ordinary supplies found around the house and can be done in an hour or two. Use commercial candy or make your own!




Ukrainian (Pysanki) Eggs – If you’ve every seen these beautiful eggs and wanted to learn how it’s done, this is the workshop for you! Using real eggs, hot wax, and dyes, this traditional craft enchants everyone. Four-hour workshop is broken up into two 2-hour sessions. $25 per person, plus supplies. With Easter just around the corner, this craft will extend into the first two weeks of March, as well!




Patricia Lanza's Lasagna Gardening

January Project

Preparing for a Bountiful Harvest!

I know. I know. You want to get into making things, and we will.  But, the first month of the new year is a time for going through seed catalogs and deciding what will go where for the best results. Think of all the wonderful gifts of foods you will be able to share with family and friends when all your hard work comes to fruition!

Starting off in my new home means I actually get to have full bed-sized gardens, along with those in containers. Well, actually, mine are basically ALL container gardens, except some are above the ground and some are, well, in containers, both large and small.  Having used the Postage Stamp method since the 70s, it's easy to combine with Patricia Lanza's Lasagna Gardening . It's the perfect fusion for gardening with the least amount of effort.

There's no point in wondering why this hasn't been done for centuries. It's simply a matter of mankind's dislike for change. If gardening were a brand new idea, we'd be doing things differently.  

So, our January project has two parts: building our new beds, refreshing older ones, or setting up containers; then, selecting our seeds to cover the full planting season for our area.  Start with the coolest weather crops and end with some more cool weather crops!  Enjoy the feast in between.

Part two is making our signs for the rows and beds to help us find specific plants. If you've never gardened, before, this is really necessary.  If you're just getting back, then it's a great help in refreshing your recollection about how live plants grow and look in your garden.  And, of course, if you're giving a plant as a gift of love, then you're going to want to include a label. Right? Of course, you are. 

So, let's get started.  January Project - Garden Signs



Current Project for the Holidays!

Ongoing Helping Handz Projects

These are projects we can do anywhere and everywhere to help those in need. Use up your crafting odds and ends to bring comfort to those who have nothing.

Our first project is Decorating for Christmas on a $15.00 Budget!  It's based on talks I gave before women's groups a long time ago (when the budget was only $5.00!) and, after many requests to update, decided to put it all in a downloadable e-book. And, of course, if you want to schedule any crafting workshop or demonstration for your organization, please feel free to contact me. 

You don't have to break the bank to make your home festive during the holidays. The trick is to focus on a theme and add only those items that you absolutely need to accomplish it. There are enough projects in the e-book, with plenty of how-to photos, to guide and get you started.

The most fun is when you not only make the included projects but use them to help create your own decorator items for other holidays and special events. Sometimes, all we need is a little guidance before we fly high on our own!  Regardless of how you choose to use my e-book, I'm sure you'll find enough activities to help you decorate your home for the holidays and have enough left over to enjoy other holiday shopping, as well! 

So, check out our Shopping section, just in case we can help you with that special gift!



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