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Sharlene Thomas, Artist and Creator

I have been creating Staria Melodies since the 1960s.  It was a long slow process but always a thrill to discover and be part of the unfolding of each person's unique Star Aria, making the creation especially joyful. 

That's what they were first called, Star Arias, because the melodies actually do come from the stars. But, Star Aria Melody proved very difficult to say, so, a few years ago, I finally combined "star" and "aria" and came up with 'Staria Melodies," a very unique name for a true one-of-a-kind item.

What makes the Staria Melody so unique? You! And, your moment in time. The Staria Melody is so exclusive that no one else in the world can have one like it. I create the melody just for you from the position of the planets and stars at the exact time and place of your special event. Others may share the date, but the aria commemorating your occasion is your very own personal song from the universe, heralding all your new beginnings.

Let me help you make your next special event a gift for this generation and all the generations to come.

-- Sharlene Thomas

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Contact Information

For those of you who still enjoy the pace of snail mail and telephones and would like more information, please feel free to call or write to:   

Sharlene J. Thomas, Artist Creative Handz

1280 White Memorial Church Rd, Willow Spring NC 27592

Tel: 919-639-8869  Fax: 919-639-8869

 web: www.StariaMelodies.com

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