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The Staria Melody Legend

When we are born, two wonderful things happen --  first, we are given a name by our families to place us in the world; and, second, we are given our very own personal soul song from the universe.

Much thought has always been given to choosing just the right name for you, as your name was believed to be tied into your soul, reflecting the true inner self -- still, there can be many others who share your birth name. Think about it. How many of your friends share the same first name?

But, your soul song is so exclusive that no one else in the world can have one just like it! This very special gift of the universe comes from the exact position of the planets and stars at the moment and location of your birth. Changing just a little every day, the stars and planets are in constant motion, never repeating a pattern. This means your Staria melody is truly unique!

WEDDINGS, SPECIAL EVENTS -- A Staria Melody does not have to be limited to celebrating just your birth.  Throughout our lives, we have many special events and new beginnings that resonate under the influence of a Staria Melody.

  • Weddings, Bridesmaid and in-Law Gifts

  • Birthdays, Anniversaries, Life Changes

  • Graduations, Retirements, Memorials, Special Tributes

  • Promotions, Awards

  • Any Special Event that is important to YOU!


For every special moment celebrated, the heavens resound with a new celestial melody, sharing in the celebration with a subtle thrumming of strength and support. It's a song that resonates within your soul, a song that  brings you joy and inner peace during your life's journey.

The standard personal Staria comes on an audio CD, playable on any computer or in any CD-compatible player.  But, for a truly beautiful lifetime gift, a Staria Melody and Staria Photo Memories VCD can be created just for you from your own scanned or digital photos. We work very closely with you to make this truly a gift you will always enjoy and want to share with others. Our two-tiered package is a special favorite of brides because:

  • a preliminary Staria Photo Memories VCD can be shared with everyone in attendance at the special event; and,

  • more pictures, taken of guests and attendants during the actual celebration, can be returned to us to ADD to your VCD for a complete Staria Photo Memories VCD. 

  • guests are invited to caption their photo with an appropriate phrase of ten words or less to make it even more poignant to watch as the years go by. 

We really want this to be a very special gift for you and do our utmost to remain in constant contact throughout the creative process to get it just right.  Of course, for some occasions, family members and friends can pool their pictures together to create a memorable Staria Photo Memories VCD as a unique present for their loved ones, which can be shared during the celebration, as well.  By paying in two tiers, you can choose to stop with the VCD purchased or add on pictures taken at the event to bring closure to your special day..

One thing is certain, when friends and family are included in your Staria Photo Memories VCD, you have a gift that can be shared over and over again, one that truly gets better with age, increasing in personal value with every year that passes by.





Contact Information

For those of you who still enjoy the pace of snail mail and telephones and would like more information, please feel free to call or write to:   

Sharlene J. Thomas, Artist Creative Handz

1280 White Memorial Church Rd, Willow Spring NC 27592

Tel: 919-639-8869  Fax: 919-639-8869

 web: www.StariaMelodies.com

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