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What to Do!

1. Plan to have all photos and items at our office at least three weeks before due date.

2. Make sure you have the correct spellings and number sequences of all names, addresses, and captions you want included in your package.  We will copy your language and numbers exactly as written.

3. Ask contributing family and friends to begin gathering their photos and items as soon as possible.  Do give them our e-mail address for forwarding items or the URL where they have posted digital photos and scanned items for me to download. This will greatly reduce any worrying over late submissions.

4. Please do not ask for additional pictures to be added to your package unless you are ready to pay the next level price.

5. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that have not been answered on our FAQ page. 

6. Use the following box to answer questions needed to complete your package.

Information Needed to Begin Staria Melody

 You might want to copy and paste the following to a text file (Notepad or Word) so that you have everything ready, to answer at your leisure.  (You could then cut and paste it into the body of your e-mail and simply type in the answers, at that time, if thatís easier for you.)

1. The full name of Staria recipient. Please check to make sure that we have the correct spelling of all names -- First, Middle, and Surname.

2. Date of birth: year, month, day, time (am/pm).

3. Exact time of birth (If unknown, sunrise ascendant time will be used for morning births and noon ascendant time will be used for afternoon births. Accuracy is lost only in the first house by a very small increment.)

4. Location of birth: City, State, Country.

5. If you have selected the Wedding Staria card, please be sure to have all the correct information and spellings. It is much easier if you make a copy of the wedding announcement, if you have one.

6. For best results, digital and scanned photos should be at least 640x430 pixels (the standard 4x6 photograph). Do NOT send more than 16 pictures at a time without compressing them, the file becomes too unwieldy. If you can, upload them to your own site supplied by your internet provider, and provide us with the URL for downloading.

7. If you want your name(s) included on the gift page at the end of the Photo Story, please be sure to include them with your e-mail and, of course, check to make sure there are no spelling errors.

Remember, this is a very special, personalized, gift. Take just another moment to recheck that all data is correct and names are spelled correctly, (based on your source documents), to make this a totally pleasurable experience for everyone.

Upon receipt of your e-mail with the above-requested information, preparation of your Staria Melody and gift card will begin. Please look for our return e-mail, verifying receipt.







Contact Information

For those of you who still enjoy the pace of snail mail and telephones and would like more information, please feel free to call or write to:   

Sharlene J. Thomas, Artist Creative Handz

1280 White Memorial Church Rd, Willow Spring NC 27592

Tel: 919-639-8869  Fax: 919-639-8869

 web: www.StariaMelodies.com

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